"The Peyote Journal Breaks Off," from Kindertotenwald by Franz Wright 

The Glove – The Glove - This Green City (RS Vocal Demo)
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This Green City by The Glove (Robert Smith Vocal Demo)

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"A poet is always on the edge of the unsayable—trying to turn it into something that sounds. It can be a dangerous self destructive edge, but it doesn’t have to be. Poetry has such an amazing energy, one I don’t feel in even the best of fiction. There’s always that slide between silence and speaking, and the friction that’s created between those two planes—what we cannot possibly say, but what we say anyway—is remarkably charged. That’s why I’m attracted to poetry again and again, no matter what."
— Lorna Crozier in conversation with Clarise Foster, from CV2, vol. 25.3
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"The Living Room" by John Barton

Automelodi – Limite Malade
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Limite Malade by Automelodi

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